There are little birds chirping in my ear. They’re constant. They never cease. They sit pirtched on my shoulders. The bird on the left is beautiful, she’s kind, hopeful and a little naive. She’s bright yellow and drenched in sunlight, her beak is golden, her voice is melodic and heavenly. The bird on my right, is a menace. He tears my ears apart, he digs his talons into my tender flesh and he shrieks. He’s a dark and deep red, with eyes blacker than night. He never leaves. 

The bird on my left makes me smile with her ignorance. She purrs that all is well, not to worry, everything is fine, just breath. Breath in positivity and warm thoughts. You’re full of love and laughter and he loves you. He’s just not ready for what you have to offer. He needs time to miss you, want you, yearn for your touch. He looks at you with deep saddened eyes and longs to tell you everything that you want to hear him say and more. So much more. She chirps.

The bird on my right is frightening. He’s a dark figure lingering behind me in the night and follows every move that I make. There’s nowhere I can run and nowhere I can hide. He screams that I’m stupid, what am I thinking, how could I not see? He wants me to know the truth, his truth, but is it the truth? It can’t be true but all he croaks is cheater, liar, sinner. He shouts in my ear but I refuse to listen. I’m afraid. He chirps. 

The birds are chirping in my ear. They’re constant and they never cease. 

“Fear is not real. It is the product of thoughts you create. Danger is real, but fear is a choice.”


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