Prey for the Weak

She was a creature of the night, preying on the weak. Taking the people that weren’t hers for the keeping. She was hideous. She had a long, and lanky body that gave her an unhealthy glow. Her skin was ashen, bloodless and almost ghostly. She was pierced and marked from head to toe; and her light eyes, though enchanting, hid miserable secrets and a story that no one ever cared enough to know. Her deep ebony, wiry hair hung covering her sunken cheek on one side of her face. While the other side was completely shaved, showing her predominant features in all of their glory. Her past life had been gory with tales of abuse and neglect. It must’ve been that era when she finally let go and lost all of her self respect. Most would call her a monster, but some know the truth.. she preys on the ones she shouldn’t have when they’re at their lowest. She feeds off of unhappiness, she’s a disgraceful succubus. 

She’s an unsightly demon of twilight. The horrid succubus searched until she finally found her ultimate prey; a young man with a pretty face, but he was filled with lies and betrayal. He thought he wasn’t happy, but he hadn’t yet known her. He fell too hard for her seductrous hex and lost everything he knew and loved. He was stuck in an everlasting and enchanted sleep, blinded by her spells. He dreamed of a house with her, and children and beautiful, distant, roaring waves. He dreamed of peace and happily ever afters; but what he got instead was a painful awakening. With her he will never be fulfilled, he’d be alone forever. Stuck with only her grisly appearance to keep him company, he lost his family, friends, love and pride. What he thought was his glorious escape, was nothing more than a mirage. 

“But those with an evil heart seem to have a talent for destroying anything beautiful which is about to bloom.” -Cynthia Rylant

5 thoughts on “Prey for the Weak

  1. An intriguing idea, that of the succubus and incubus, those demons that visit at night and have their way with us. Chilling and well rendered. Thanks for the follow and for introducing me to your blog

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