Synonyms for Hate


Within your deep dark pupils, the misery is peering out on the world. They see people that’re happy, see people who’re in love, see people who’re honest. You may be a liar but your eyes tell the truth. 


While you’re inside of her your mind wanders. Did you make the right decision? Are you thinking clearly? Can you see straight? What’s real and what’s the drug? You’re a prisoner to your own body and mind. 


You pass an angel on the street but you hurl insults as though she’s a demon. For you she’s both; starting as your savior but ending up a nightmare you’re never going to shake. The regret will hang on your shoulders forever. Did you even come prepared?


She thinks you’re the scum of the earth. The worst of the worst. You’ve taken something from her and you can never give it back. She was your last hope in your never ending darkness, but you poisoned it, you poisoned her. Now she’ll never return. 


You’ve convinced yourself you’re happy now and maybe you’ll be at peace. You’re a fool, stupid and weak. You’re never going to stop saying the wrong things and doing all of the wrong girls. You don’t think you’re miserable now just wait. Eventually your mind will catch up with your actions and you’ll know the angel you set free. 

“Hating someone makes them important. Forgiving them makes them obsolete.”


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