The Story of an Organ


If you could see the most important organ in the human body, what would it look like?

How would it feel?

What story would it tell?

It would look bruised, beaten and torn apart. Every time you’re disappointed, hurt, heartbroken, every time you fall to the dirt, it takes a beating for you. Though it’s guarded by two massive cages of bone, sometimes the most dangerous hits make it through. It would shine bright, a fiery red, but scattered with scars from every time someone hurt you. If only others could see the damage they’re causing. The war that constantly dredges on inside of your body, fighting to keep you standing on two feet. 

It can feel blistering hot, luke warm and even ice cold. When there’s a passion shooting from your veins and your accomplishing something spectacular, you feel the heat from your core spreading throughout your body as if to shoot across the sky like a star. Luke warm is the feeling of sadness that creeps through your body when something awful happens. The organ slows, your center for affection goes numb and you want to feel nothing. Though in a split second, it can feel as cold as ice. When someone infuriates you to the point of no return, the organ stuns as if to stop, and your whole world turns to darkness. 

The story this organ tells is endless. It’s constantly speaking and constantly beating. We just need to listen. It tells you to never show weakness to those kids on the bus that used to call you fat. It gives you the courage to change your major three times because you finally realized what you want out of life. It tells the story of when you found your very best friends, and they refused to leave your side. It gives you the strength to get up every morning, shake off your sadness and live your life to absolute fullest. It tells the story of the ex boyfriend who broke your heart every single day for three months until you realized enough was enough. It tells the story of your family, and how much they mean to you. It tells the story of happiness, achievements, failures, sadness, everything. It tells and keeps safe, the story of you. 

Embrace it. Protect it. Don’t let anyone who doesn’t deserve to be in it destroy it. And never ever regret that you have it. 


“Your heart knows what your mind can’t explain.”


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